Discover a Dallas, TX Laundromat with ‘Laundry Pick-Up Locations,’ Convenient Coin-Operated Machines, Fluff and Fold Service, and Laundry Pickup and Delivery Options.

Laundry Now

4444 W. Illinois Ave., #308
Dallas, TX 75211
Hours Of Operation:
6AM – 10PM
Phone: 214-613-2550

Explore Laundry Pick-Up Locations for Your Convenience

Discover our ‘Laundry Pick-Up Locations’ across Dallas, TX, and enjoy the ultimate convenience in laundry services. At Laundry Now, we offer a range of options, including coin-operated machines, fluff and fold service, and seamless laundry pickup and delivery. We’re committed to streamlining your laundry routine, making high-quality laundry solutions easily accessible in the heart of Dallas.

Convenient Coin Laundry Location in Dallas with Self-Service and Laundry Services

Our coin laundry is located in a strip mall on W. Illinois Ave., between S. Cockerell Hill Rd. and Western Park Dr. We are near a Family Dollar store and a Texaco so you can get some errands done while your clothes are spinning. There are also plenty of places to eat that are within walking distance. You are welcome to come to our self service laundry to do your own laundry or to utilize our laundry service. If you leave your laundry with us we will wash and dry your clothes for you. So come by our lavanderia cerca de Dallas and do your laundry in a safe and comfortable location.