Convenient Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Services in Dallas, TX

Discover the convenience of laundry pick up and delivery in Dallas, TX. Laundry Now offers expert laundry pick up and delivery services right to your doorstep. Schedule today and check our pricing.

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Laundry Pick Up and Delivery in and around Dallas

Experience the utmost convenience with our laundry pick-up and delivery service. At Laundry Now, we handle all the tasks for you. Our process is simple: we visit your location to collect your soiled garments. These items are then taken to our well-equipped laundromat, where we expertly launder, dry, and meticulously fold each piece. Finally, your freshly cleaned and neatly folded clothes are promptly returned to you, ready to be worn. Discover unmatched ease with Laundry Now’s comprehensive service.

Get started with our service in 3 easy steps

  1. Enter your zipcode to validate we serve your area.
  2. Schedule date & time along with your information.
  3. Leave your laundry at a secure place or have it ready for when the driver arrives.

We pick up and deliver laundry in Dallas on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

There is a place in the ordering process where you can let us know if you have any special requests. We will do our best to accommodate you. 

When you use our laundry delivery service we neatly fold your clothes but if you want any items hung up, just let us know and we will hang those items for you. We do charge $.10 per hanger. 

No you don't! Just leave your laundry bags in a secure location and note it when you place your order so our driver knows where to look. You will get a text message when the driver successfully picks up your dirty laundry and successfully returns your clean laundry. 

There is a two day turnaround for our laundry service unless you have a pick up on Friday, then your clothes will be returned to you on Monday.

Our laundry delivery service near Dallas is only $1.25/lbs. if you sign up for weekly or bi-weekly service. If you are on a schedule you just have to set up your pick up days once and we will return on a regular basis. If you don’t want to be on a schedule or just want to use our service every once in a while it is $1.50/lbs. There is a $25 minimum order. 

Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per Pound

**$25 Minimum Order

Pickup &
Delivery Service
(As Needed)
Per Pound

**$25 Minimum Order

Individually Priced Items

  • Blanket / Comforter (Twin)$6.00
  • Blanket / Comforter (Full)$8.00
  • Blanket / Comforter (Queen/King)$10.00